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MBS-Engineering provides technical support and servicing of the equipment delivered and implemented at the sites of the Customer: commissioning, initial training of the personnel to work with the equipment, warranty and post-warranty service and repair.

All works are performed by the qualified and certified personnel of our company.

If you have any questions or difficulties concerning the operation of the equipment, you can contact our personnel for a consultation. We will help you to understand the operation of the equipment as a whole and of its individual components and parts.

Our company actively cooperates with leading international and domestic manufacturers: Emerson TM (USA), Honeywell International, Inc. (USA), LEWA GmbH (Austria), FITOK (China), SEP (Turkey).

In the process of operation of any sophisticated equipment there appears the need of its technical maintenance over time. If your organization does not have its own specialists, trained to perform this type of work, you can contact us. We will send our experts to the installation of your equipment for its maintenance and repair, if necessary.

All kinds of repairs and warranty and post-warranty service are held both at the location of the Customer and in our laboratory. The volume of works and their complexity are determined during preliminary negotiations and consultations.

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